Friday, August 10, 2012

What Not To Wear: To a Wedding

A bride can spend hours upon hours searching for her special dress for her special day, but that doesn't mean as a guest you shouldn't treat yourself to something new as well for the big occasion!

With that in mind, we stumbled upon some tips on TLC Weddings we feel should absolutely be kept in mind when picking out your wedding attire in regards to what you should NOT wear to a wedding. 

First things first: No black. Unless you are mourning the union of the said couple, your little black dress should stay at home. And if you are in mourning, maybe you should too! 

Number Two: Something skimpy. It's not nice to try to upstage the bride on her big day! 

Number Three: Jeans. Even if the invitation says "casual" that doesn't mean you get to wear whatever! 

Number Four: Tiaras and other attention-grabbing "statement pieces." You'd be surprised how many people can't let go of being in the limelight, even for a day. 
Don't be the "Princess" that tries to steal the brides thunder!
Number Five: Pant Suits. This isn't an office meeting-it's a wedding, so dress like it! Nix the briefcase for a cute clutch too. You don't need your planner to sit through dinner. 

The Golden Rule: Save white for the bride! A wedding day is a bride's big day and she should stand out wherever she goes. No one should try to be the reason anyone can find her! 
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What are some of the biggest fashion "don'ts" you've seen at weddings or events you've attended??

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