Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fruit-Infused Ice Cubes

Favorite fruit-go! Mine is strawberries. Whatever yours is-think about how perfect it could fit into your next cocktail or fun summer thirst quencher....

These fruit-infused ice cubes we spotted on The Party Dress are SO perfect for a quick refresher on one of the hottt summer days!

Photo Credit: The Party Dress

Simply slice your fruit of choice into small pieces, drop into a square in your ice tray, fill with water, and freeze!

Photo Credit: The Party Dress

*Tip* Boil the water before you fill the ice tray with it. This makes sure your ice cubes come out clear so you can see through to your fruity slices!

These would be great to add to your cocktail or to pop in themselves!

Wouldn't this be a great additional to your next tailgate or backyard BBQ????

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