Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And For the Groom...

Every girl dreams of what her wedding day will be like from the time she's a little girl. Little boys on the other hand? Not so much. So while the dress hunt, the invitation fonts, and the color schemes may be super exciting to the bride, don't get too upset at your groom if he isn't sharing your same level of excitement.

All is not lost though. There are definitely some things guys will love helping out with- and sharing the excitement and decision making in your wedding process will be great for the both of you! We found this list on TLC Weddings we had to share! 

1.) Arranging Transportation
     It's a proven fact that men love their cars-so if there's a car he's always dreamed about owning or driving, why not pick your big day to make his dreams come true too?

2.) Choosing the Cake & Reception Food
     Two words-Taste. Test. Need we say more?

3.) Planning the honeymoon
     Find us someone who wouldn't love to plan their dream vacation with the person of their dreams!

4.) Registering for Gifts
    It's hard to believe there could be a person out there who doesn't love getting presents-especially things they WANT!

5.) Choose the booze
     If your groom wants to take charge of the drink selection-let him! You don't want him or his buddies to be disappointed if their favorite drinks aren't available!

What are some of the biggest challenges/ success stories you've seen with grooms during the wedding planing?? 

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