Monday, June 18, 2012

Date Week: Part 1

Your first thought when you think date night? Dinner and a movie. While that can be great, there are so many other ways to spice up those go-to plans.

We loved this army themed date night we found on Dating Divas!

Leave mission cards for your guy for when he arrives. Each one will reveal the next step of the date!

Mission #2: Go out and get matching camo gear for you and your guy to wear-always stick to the theme!

Mission #3: Whether you want to stay in or go out, give your man "Permission to take you to dinner."

Mission #4 Video Surveillance. Grab a combat movie you know your guy will love and get your cuddle time in while you watch an action packed movie together!

Mission Complete-you have created a successful date night! What do you guys think of this idea??

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